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Our Story

We envision being in the field as a deep qualitative entanglement that is embodied, experiential, emplaced and interpretive of the world of meaning construction and lived experience. We want to share the ways in which we conceptualize these entanglements and the means by which we attempt to design studies meant to understand the world of natural and human phenomenon. Here you will find ideas and suggestions for collaborative and participatory qualitative research design and ways of conceptualizing how research can be a force for community good and individual creative expression.


Along the way, we’ll also share those places in which we have found ourselves entangled and immersed. This is what we mean by describing our time in the field and how primary experiences with unique people in particular places lead not only to deeper connections, but, also, to greater understanding and awareness of what it means to be human. Being in the field assumes that we are committed to in-depth and sustained inquiry with people and in emplacing ourselves within the larger story of a place. Being in the field necessitates active engagement and research design that are highly collaborative and participatory, cognizant of localized norms and truths. Also attentive to our own emplacement and embodied understanding of where we are, the sensory awareness we develop and how we share what is often a co-construction of meaning with a larger audience. Through prose, poetry, film and art these experiences can find a wider audience who find shared ideas and awareness and common ground and purpose with participants in the field. This is the great value of field research-by exploring the great diversity of people we may come to understand the human species more holistically and universally.


We’re glad you’re here to explore the site and hopefully find nuggets of inspiration or ideas to nurture as you follow your own path in the field. We see the great possibilities of qualitative research that is passionate, engaged, intuitive and imaginative.

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