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Introduction to qualitative research

The purpose of this space is to orient those new to the field of qualitative research, design, and methods. This is a series of created and curated resources that bring together concepts, theories, and methods relevant to your learning about qualitative research methods generally by beginning with the foundations of social theory.

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What is qualitative research?

This Google slide provides two videos and guiding questions to consider for understanding basic differences between qualitative and quantitative methods.

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All research is grounded in theory - whether implicit or explicit

All research (yes, ALL RESEARCH regardless whether its qualitative or quantitative) uses theories to guide the exploration process.


Getting started in understanding social theory

Every question is based on a set of assumptions.  Theory is the attempt at explanation of some “thing,” often using ideas independent of the “thing” in question.

Subsequently, social theory is the attempt at explaining (the what, how and why of) social behaviors, beliefs, cultures, social change, etc…

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